Qhull/Maya PyMEL-GUI

Qhull<->Maya PyMEL-GUI v0.0.7

The concept and ultimate destination behind this project is it to developing a unique voronoi tool-set from designers for designers with many creative complex possibilities.

The function of “Qhull<->Maya PyMEL-GUI” reduced the user actions on a few clicks. It calculated 3D/2D Voronoi (with Qhull), 3D/2D Delaunay (with Qhull), cell sorting, cell relaxation (isosceles cells), cell clipping, angle clipping, boundary regions and volumes with arbitrary complex geometry… I’m also currently developing a pymel script modul which used some several natural algorithm to create irregular point sets of n-dimensional points on surfaces and volumes and so on and so far…

My package is developing with the Pymel Python Module for Maya and still very much in development…at this time it’s an interaction between MEL, python and PyMEL yet, particularly with regard to experimental system…

By the way…
…please, you can stop all the privat enquiries by email to download or step by step instructions to “Qhull<->Maya PyMEL-GUI” ! Thank you so much for your vested  interest, but at this moment it isn’t possible. I will release a paper and the whole software tool-set I developed during this project once I graduated. Later you can find the download links here.

Excerpt: “Do More with Less Code” The makers of PyMEL!

Qhull<->Maya PyMEL-GUI

Qhull<->Maya PyMEL-GUI v0.0.7 at work


11 responses

12 01 2009


22 01 2009

Hi ,
Looking too good & complicated.
I am very eager to create one myself ? .Could you mail me the steps involved?

23 01 2009

Thanks for your request, but at this moment it isn’t possible. I will release a paper and the whole software tool-set I created during this project once I graduated.



1 04 2009

very nice

5 04 2009

Keep up the good work!

8 05 2009
Elefterios Ivanopopoulos

Hello Jonathan,

really exciting stuff! At what time do you release your tools?



10 05 2009
Chad Dombrova

hey Jonathan,
my name is Chad, I’m the lead developer of PyMEL. I was searching around for PyMEL on google and I came across your site. I’m curious how you are using PyMEL in the creation of these beautiful structures.

keep up the great work,

1 10 2009

I don’t know If I said it already but …Great site…keep up the good work. 🙂 I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

A definite great read..Jim Bean

5 12 2009
Torolf Sauermann

hello all,

Jonathan (sjoo, nick, blisGen = (aliases / nicknames) (1983-2009) died in May in France.
His help and friendship we will miss.


17 12 2009
Matthias F. Richter

My deepest condolences. I knew him just a little from the work we did together but his ideas inspired me to some of my tools in the first place. He was a true visionary and will be deeply missed in the scene, too.


28 07 2012

lol what a way to die.. didn’t share or release his paper with us 😦 rip

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