Now, going faster…

24 01 2009

“Qhull<->Maya PyMEL-GUI” don’t use any longer any temporary text files for in and output to Qhull. Now, it used effectively the libqhull, the C library of Qhull for all operations. Well then? This approach is very much faster !!!

By the way…

…please, you can stop all the privat enquiries by email to download or step by step instructions to “Qhull<->Maya PyMEL-GUI” ! Thank you so much for your vested  interest, but at this moment it isn’t possible. I will release a paper and the whole software tool-set I developed during this project once I graduated. Later you can find the download links here.




One response

7 04 2009

I have just stumbled on your site and i think that we probably share a lot of technique.
I too have a voronoi feeling. You can find some of my stuff on .

I have wrote down on my blog () a step-by-step tutorial on how to build these kind of meshes, using an open source mesh processing tool called .

comments welcome!

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