2D Voronoi Moebius Split Torus

12 01 2009

I’m scripting a new pointset creation modul to create locator sets named “LocSeeder” for the “Qhull<->Maya PyMEL-GUI” which used some natural algorithm functions. The base model split torus was shaped with TopMod, then a syncrisis between irregular point set calculation and cell relaxation, isosceles voronoi cells, on the surface with the “LocSeeder”. The voronoi cells are pure geometry – no texture!  The greatest source of inspiration is always the NATURE !!!


Irregular cell sizing, isosceles (cell relaxation) 2D voronoi cells on MoebiusSplitTorus

Base shape inspiration: Keizo Ushio

Keizo Ushio

Base shape inspiration: Keizo Ushio




One response

17 11 2009

I’m teaching design sensibilities at Università degli studi di Bologna and I would be really interested in your Qhull/Maya PyMEL-GUI tool, Are you still working on it ?

thanks a lot


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